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Selling your property in Sandton Sandton Electricians will sort out your certificate of compliance in no time...

At Sandton Sandton Electricians, we offer free advice on how to install your electrical needs. We are based in the Sandton Sandton area, and therefore, no extra costs are hidden in our prices. Sandton Sandton Electricians are all fully qualified, and therefore our first available Electrician in the Sandton Sandton will assist you, our valued customer, on the same day you log a call.

Fully qaulified Sandton Sandton electricians

Often people install electrical appliances, such as fans, extra plugs, or even outside lights, only to find that they need a Compliance Certificate in Sandton Sandton. Sandton Sandton Electricians are ready and available to assist you in this matter. We cover the whole Sandton Sandton area, and therefore can deliver fast and efficient service to you daily. All electricians at Sandton Sandton are fully qualified, therefore you don’t have to use multiple companies to sort your electrical problems.  So if you’re living in the Sandton Sandton area, and you need a COC or any installations or repairs, call Sandton Sandton electricians to assist you.



Newly bought home in Sandton Sandton

When you would like to register your newly bought house in Sandton Sandton you will require an electrical certificate of compliance and that is what Sandton Sandton electricians will gladly issue you with.

Sandton Sandton electrical Certificate of Compliance for home extensions and alterations

We have noticed that in the Sandton Sandton area a lot of home renovations are taking plac ce which means that when you do extensions to your home you will require an electrical certificate of copmplaince to indicate that the electrical installation conforms to ECB standards and regulations. Sandton Sandton electricians specialoises in just that the issueing of electrical certificates of compliance for home renovations. For your insurance company purposes to cover your new extension you will need to submit a new electrical certificate of complaince.